Acts of Faith 2021

Acts of Faith
7 Rue Saint—Claude
75003 Paris

20.00—20.30 Recital by Camille Chopin

Bachianas Brasileiras #5 Heitor Villa-Lobos 1936
Ständchen Franz Schubert 1829
Green — Ariettes Oubliées Claude Debussy 1886
Fleurs — Fiançailles pour Rire Francis Poulenc 1939
Lamento della Ninfa Claudio Monteverdi 1638

20.30—22.30 DJ Set by Hugo Kafka
Acts of Faith marks for Julian Harold a new chapter in his study of our relationship with nature and our industrial and secular world. The show features new works of photography, flower arrangements and installations inspired by art and nature — the two great phenomena of our universe that are inconceivable one without the other. In this body of work, Julian Harold highlights the complex representation of nature from the mid-18th century with Romanticism to the 1930s with Art Nouveau. As reactionary and profoundly secular movements, Romanticism and Art Nouveau were the first aesthetic movements to emphasize the sensory in response to the technicalization of the world. The works featured in the show highlight on the artist’s desire to reconnect sensually humans to nature, at the digital age. In this body of work, he explores the concept of flower porn in its most intimate and liberated form; unveiling the games we play with it between submission and domination, fetishism and rivalry. Unveiled as sexual metaphors, flowers form a vital impulse between the morbid and the sublime.

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