Columbina 2019 

Direction Julian Harold
Photography Jelena Luise
Editing Julian Harold
Cast Patrick Tshibangu
Installation View 1/5
70 X 100 X 3 CM
C-Type Print
Alluminium Frame
Edition of 3
Installation View 2/5 3/5 5/5
18 X 22.5 X 3 CM
C-Type Print
Lacquered Walnut Frame
Edition of 1

Male Venus
An interplay of chromosomes
Voluptuous gift from the gods!
You are their favorite, they are yours!
And yet one of the damned

It feels like no one heard of you before
You are a hymn with no choir
A creature with no lungs
Mourning from the shore
Fire Snake
Your peers gather for power
Passion slapped it all
An ability to reborn that you both have in common
A fire you maintain hand in hand
Eternal combustion!

Will you transcend them?
They carry pictures you had no idea about
And that no law condemns
Until your head gets found smashed on the ground
All equal before death, they say!
Their fantasies were stronger
No chance you get looked for
You are their Columbina
A figure no one expects pity for

Oh! Scarred angel
May the light of their fire
Lead you the way to the waters

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